Careers at AFA

At AFA we value excellence and diversity of perspective, and we are committed to being an employer of choice.

Our Team

The team is made up of over 250 experienced and dedicated resources, majority of whom are chartered accountants CA (SA), but also include BCom graduates, project managers and specialists in accounting technical IFRS, consulting, payroll and HR and tax and finance systems.

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Perks & Benefits

The AFA4U Lifestyle benefit program is designed to enhance an employee’s work life balance and to create a holistic work experience. This includes movie tickets, discounts on major brands, employee recognition programme with Takealot gift vouchers and fun social events, to mention a few.

AFA is invested in the employees’ growth by ensuring that they receive the appropriate training from accredited institutions. AFA has developed a learning roadmap which highlights the learning curriculum of technical, managerial and soft skills required during one’s journey at AFA.

A dedicated one-on-one coaching programme which has been designed to guide employees towards defining their goals. Accelerating the employees career growth, potential and personal development by providing insight into understanding oneself, improving one’s emotional intelligence, building one’s personal brand and smart goal setting.

Employees are allocated a dedicated mentor to assisting with their career growth. The mentor program aims to encourage and support employees in their journey for growth and improvement, assist in building their professional network, becoming a leader and provide useful feedback on behaviour and performance guidance.

 AFA cares for employees’ physical and mental health. AFA promotes physical health by offering paid gym and sport club subscription that also benefits networking opportunities. Mental and family health is supported by an external service provider, that is a leading global provider of wellness services, that takes care of the physical and mental health of our employees and their families. Long term retirement benefits and covered by a compressive pension fund, life cover and disability insurance.

Work-based learning programmes that leads to an NQF registered qualification or SAICA accreditation by combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, while coaching on valuable life skills at the same time.

AFA Accelerated
Growth Programme

With a wide range of clients in different industries, we add value to and build our employees’ skills by providing our team access to a diverse range of companies and roles across the industries we operate in.

Our responsibility as an employer, beyond offering attractive professional opportunities, is to cultivate the singularity and complementarity of each of our employees.

The AFA Accelerated Growth Programme aims to equip our employees with diverse and valuable finance experience in a short period of time. Our employees have the unique opportunity to work in varied industries and differing roles over a three- to six-month period through our outsourcing philosophy.

Why does the Accelerated Growth Programme work?

  • Employees are not just repeating the same task every month but on a continuous learning path.

  • Employees participate in a management development programme, supervised by an experienced director and senior manager to hone their skills.

  • The AFA plan is a transition from a steep learning curve to implementing insights and improving the process and eventually transition the improved function back to the client team.

  • The employee then moves on to the next client, more empowered and better experienced to take on the next challenge.

  • The feedback from employees has been overwhelming positive and that everyone should have this opportunity to accelerate their development and skill with AFA

Our experienced senior management team ensures that our clients receive the best standard of work by supervising each employee’s progress. Since entering the market, we have successfully delivered over 500 experienced finance resources into the economy, in roles ranging from accountants to financial managers and financial directors.

AFA Accelerated Growth vs FM experience over three years